Principals Desk



Dr. S. K. Ghoshal

Founder & Principal, B.I.T. Katwa

Bengal Institute of Technology established in the year 1993 , Registration No L – 53932 West Bengal 1993 and recognized by ISE India dated – 17.11.1993 in the Jagigram Industrial Complex, Katwa, Burdwan as a study centre [ETC Engg.] as well as Training Centre and had been recognized by DRDA, Ref. No 2522 DRDA / BDN dated 17.12.1996, Burdwan for conduction of their training course under TRYSEM since 1996. The institute was also selected by District Planning Committee Burdwan for conduction of two STVT courses sponsored by Department of Tech. Education and Training, Govt. of West Bengal. Proposal for affiliation of the Institute to the AICTE and recognition of the Institute as a Polytechnic had been initiated in the year 1998-1999.

During 1997 Savadhipati, Bardhaman. Zilla Parishad, requested the Hon’ble Minister –in charge for Technical Education & Training Department for according permission for introduction of three year Diploma courses at BIT Katwa vide his letter No ZP/Sikh/Poly/956 dated 22.08.1997 .The Department of technical Education and Training has been allotted. Rs, 25 [Twenty Five] Lakhs in favour of the Bengal Institute of Technology Katwa for construction of Administrative Building, Furniture and Equipments and Electrification andSanitary purposes vide G. O. No 807-TET [Poly]/ 10-4/1999 dated 16.3.1999.

That BIT, Katwa a Society was formed under the Societies Act, 1961. A resolution was adopted on 30.07.1999, whereby all the properties belonging to the BIT were handed over to the Department of Technical Education and Training, Govt. of West Bengal for the purpose of converting it into a Govt. sponsored / Govt. Polytechnic. The matter was informed to the Director, DTET, Govt. of West Bengal, vide letter No BIT/ DET / 300 /2000 dated — 13.05.2000. The selection committee selected the Principal through interview on dated 18,12.1999 by the Reference to, BIT advertisement on BIT/WI/224/99 dated 1. 11.1999.

Formal proposal for introduction of the following courses from the academic session 2000 -2001 and necessary approval for awarding Govt. status like Govt. sponsored/ Govt. Polytechnic was sent to the Director, Directorate of Technical Education & Training vide BIT’s Memo .No BIT/ DET / 300 /2000 dated 13.05.2000 :-


  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.
  • Automobile Engineering.
  • Computer Science & Technology.

And Bengal Institute of Technology, Katwa conducting the diploma level courses since the year of 2000 and been awarded the status “Govt. Aided Polytechnic”

We have applied to the AICTE for recognition of the Institution as a Polytechnic College, offering three years Diploma Engg. Courses vide Letter No. BIT /AICTE / 221/4 dtd – 06.09.1999 which was duly acknowledged by AICTE vide Ref. No ERO/F 5-22/99/1652, dated – 24.11.1999.

The Secretary of  BIT was requested by the Regional Officer, AICTE, Calcutta to visit his office on 14th December, 1999 at 10 AM vide Ref. No ERO / F.5-22/39/99/1776 dated 02.12.1999.

That we received letter of viability from AICTE vide Ref. No F No. 750-80 003 (NDIP)/ ET /2000 dated – 31.03.2000.

We fulfilled the clause (f) of Annexure – 3 of the aforesaid letter of viability, we received ‘No Objection’ to accord recognization of BIT from the Secretary  and Director, DTET, Govt. of West Bengal vide Memo No. I-SC(T)E /DB/SCTE-(14) -97 dated – 03.01.2000 a copy of which was sent to the regional office AICTE, Eastern Region. On the same date vide an another Letter No 6-SC(T)E / DB/SCTE -(14) – 97 the Directorate conferred a status of ‘Govt. Aided Institution’ to the Institute. A copy of the  said letter was forwarded to the Regional office, AICTE, Eastern Region.

The Regional Office, AICTE, Calcutta vide its Memo No. ERO/E&T/SPL/2000/4808 Dt- 24.05.2000 informed the Institute regarding visit of an AICTE expert Committee consisting of 3 to 4 members on 7th June 2000.

That AICTE was pleased to approve the Institution vide F No. 750 -80-047 (E) / ET /2000 Dt 14.07.2000 and the matter was communicated to the Secretary, Department of Technical Education & Training, Govt. of West Bengal. In Annexure II of the said letter, there were two specific conditions which were imposed – one of which regarding Library and another regarding Automobile Engg. Laboratory.

By the given format in Annexure – I of the said letter, the Secretary, BIT Katwa Submit a Notarized undertaking on Non-Judicial Stamp paper to the AICTE, Regional Office , Kolkata for the selection of new faculty member by the undertaking mention Sr. No 5 of this format.

The Institute has commenced three Diploma Courses i.e. [i] Computer Science & Engg; [ii] Electronics & Tele Communication Engg • [iii] Automobile Engg. And [iv] information Technology (approved  2002-2003)On and from 2000 – 2001 following AICTE norms and conditions.

That the AICTE approval were extended up fill 2012 vide File No 750-80- U47(E)/ET/2000 Dt 14.05.2002, File No 750-80-047(E)/ET/2000/2026 Dt 14.05.2002. File No. 750-80-047(E)/ET/2000/1129 -34 7th July, 2005. File No ERO/DIP/W13/2007- 08/5505-07, Dt 24.07.2007. File No 750-80- 047(E)/ET/2000/2026 Dt – 16th July 2004. File No. 750-80-047(E)/ET/2000/1129-34 Dt – 7th July 2005. File No ERO/DIP/WB/2007-08/5505-07 Dt. 24.07.2007. File No 750-80-047(E)/ET/2000/9864-67 Dt – 03.04.2008. File No 750-80-047(E)/ET/2000/2875-79 Dt -1710.2008.

That in the said extension letters so many specific conditions were laid down, but AICTE never expressed its dissatisfaction regarding academic qualification of the Principal and other employees of BIT, Katwa.

Considering the above aspects as explained within the foregoing Paras, the Governing Body of the Institution though that BIT Katwa is being treated as a Govt. Polytechnic or Govt. sponsored Polytechnic. On the above aspects G. B once again request the Director to extend his kind co-operation so that BIT Katwa may be declared as Govt. Polytechnic or Govt. sponsored Polytechnic in the interest of the students as well as in the interest of the staff in terms of resolution of the Governing Body held on 09.06.2006, Meeting No 21, Agenda No 2.

The Jt. Secretary, to the Govt. of West Bengal, Deptt. of Tech. Education and Training, Polytechnic Branch initiated the process of conferment of status of BIT, Katwa vide letter No 159 -TET (Poly) /14D-20/2005 dated – 06.03.2007. In compliance of the said letter the Principal BIT issued letter bearing No BIT/DTE/1358/ 07 dated – 26.03.2007 and submitted statement showing present staff strength of BIT, Katwa in prescribed format.

The Secretary, Department of Technical Education & Training for conferment of status of a Govt. sponsored Polytechnic in favour of Bengal Institute of Technology,Katwa Dist – Burdwan circulated the copies of memorandum for the cabinet among the Minister’s of the State with G. O. No 153 -TET (Poly) /14D – 20 /2005 dated 18.02.2008

The West Bengal State Council of Technical Education vide its No 546-SC/1(50)/ TET dated 15.05.2000 issued an instruction to the Principal, BIT Katwa with the instruction to follow the Govt. order 577-TET (poly) dated 27.04.2000 issued by the Technical Education & Training Department with concurrence of the Finance Department regarding fee structure of the students who will be admitted during the academic sessions wherein it was clearly stated that each student will pay © Rs. 50/- per month as tuition fee.

That in a subsequent order vide Memo No 1193 /TET dated – 18.04.2004 issued by the Director of technical Education & Training Point No 2 expresses that “the detailed structure of the pay scale enjoyed by each such employee along with their basic pay on 01.04.2008” goes to show that the Govt. is in favour of consideration of the employees as staff of the Institution on and from 2000 -2001.

The Director, Technical Education & Training, Govt. of West Bengal in its letter No 1833-TET dated – 29.05.2000 addressed to Secretary, BIT Katwa has clearly stated that the State Govt. has also agreed in PRINCIPLE to provide grant-in-aid so that the Polytechnic may start its functioning from the next academic session.

And in the same time Director of Technical Education & Training, West Bengal proposed to Prof. B. K. Bhattacharyya, Prof. & Head, Department of Community Development & Rural Technology, Human Resources Development Department, Govt. of India for bringing BIT Katwa under community Polytechnic scheme vide his Memo No – 6 C-IT-92/New C. P. 3718 -TET dated 29/09/2000 mentioning the BIT Katwa as a Govt. Aided Polytechnic.

Accordingly, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India brought the BIT, Katwa, under the scheme of community polytechnic and released fund thereof during 2000 -2001 vide their No F-21-13/ 2000-TS. TV dated 13.06.2001. The Govt. of India is still releasing it’s fund for continuing the schemes as a Govt. aided Polytechnic like Govt. Polytechnic.