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# Notice Title Notice File Action
1 Student List for Campusing in CLUDO Technology Consultants @ 18/02/2022 1645091728-CLUDO Technology Consultants LLP on 18-02-22 at BIT, Katwa.pdf
2 Internal Exam Routine for 1st and 5th Sem. 1643887788-Exam Routine of 1st and 5th Sem FEB2022.pdf
3 Front page for 2nd sem exam 1642411537-Revised Front Page_2nd Sem Exam.pdf
4 2nd sem exam routine 1642411082-Routine 2nd Sem_External Exam_Theoretical Subjects (1).pdf
5 Internal Assessments of Theoretical subjects for the 5th semester Diploma students(Academic Year 2 0 2 0 _ 2 1 ) 1639633883-IA (THEORETICAL)_5TH SEM.pdf
6 Revised Grievance Redressal Committee For Acc Year 2020-21 1616659220-AICTE-GRC_2020-21.pdf
7 Anti Ragging Committee For Acc Year 2020-21 1616658736-bit_ARC_2020-21.pdf
8 Mandatory-Disclosure of Bit-Katwa 1616570115-Mandatory-Disclosure-bit-katwa.pdf
9 Notice of Assessor Registration 1616507483-Notice of Assessor Registration.pdf