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ESTD – 1993


The town of Katwa is a town of memories. It is an ancient town. It is situated at the Confluence of the rivers Bhagirathi and Ajoy. It has splendid banks of the said rivers.The confluence under the sky with trees of the distant horizon, open space and the water and banks of the rivers lend the place a strange and unearthly beauty. This town is mentioned as “Katadwip” / “Katadupa” by the ancient Greek travelers. The other famous foreign travelers such as Megasthanis, Huen Sung, Fa-Hein, Travernar and Barnio also visited this ancient town. It was a place of learing. It has seen many events Of history. It was formerly considered as key of Murshidabad, Capital of Sube Bangla under Nowabs. In the early part of the 18th Century Katwa and its neighborhood suffered much from incursion of the Marathas. The old Fort of Katwa was situated on a land at the confluence of the rivers Ajoy and Bhagirathi and is noted as the scene of defeat of Marathas by Nowab Alibardi Khan of Murshidabad. It is told that plan and strategic policy of the battle of Plassey were chalked out by Robert Clive at the outskirts of this town. Katwa is considered sacred by the “Vaishnabs”, as having been place where Lord Chaitanya took upon himself the ascetic life. Here there is an ancient temple of Lord Chaitanya which is much frequented by the Pilgrims all through the year. Guru Gobinda Singh also visited this town and there is a beautiful `Gaurudwara”. There is also an ancient “Badsahi Mosque” at ¬†Baganeparai Katwa. This Christian Missionaries also worked here and they lived in the area of this town which is known as ‘Saheb Bagan’, where the old ruins of the cemetery are found here and there. Late Bhagaban Chandra Bose, father of the world famous scientist Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose was a renowned Deputy Magistrate of this Sub-division. Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose spent his boyhood at this ancient town. Dr. Aghornath Chatterjee, father of Smt. Sarojini Naidu was a son of Katwa. This Sub-division has offered many eminent Poets, Scholars, Educationist, Judges, Vice-Chancellors, eminent Physicians, I. C. S., I. A. S. and I. P. S. Officers and distinguished Lawyers. Many of young men of the present generation are working in U. K., U. S. A. and Canada with name and fame. Majigram the native village of Sri Ajit Kumar Panja, Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Govt. of India, is within this Sub-Division. Once Silk Sarees and Dhotis were largely manufactured at Katwa Sub-division. Weavers were numerous throughout Katwa P. S. and villages of this Sub-division, who besides meeting local wants supplied clothes to other parts of the country. Brass work is being carried on at the adjoining town of Dainhat. The town of Katwa is the principal seal of commerce and business all along. The crops such as paddy pulses, vegetables, jute etc. are grown in the nearby villages more than sufficient to local requirements and exported to various places. The Geographical position of Katwa is unique. To its East is the adjoining Nadia district and the boundaries of the districts of Murshidabad and Birbhum are also very near to Katwa. Large number of people from those districts through to this town daily to sell and purchase various articles and commodities at and from the local market, for medical treatment and for many other purposes. This town is not far away from Calcutta, Durgapur and Asansol. It is connected with those cities by Railways and Highways. The city of Calcutta is also connected to this town by waterway. There are broad gauge and narrow gauge railway and roads within the Sub-division. Most of the villagers in the vicinity at the railway stations and bus stops are growing up into marts and centres of trade and rising in importance. After the partition of Bengal the area of this town has been rapidly increasing and the importance of this town is growing day by day.